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Strategic Consulting
and Jury Research

What makes the difference in high-stakes litigation is the strategic advantage of understanding the most persuasive message. Our experienced team specializes in behavioral research, which assists us in understanding what jurors, judges and arbitrators may think about your case. Grounded in both the empirical research and many years of experience, we provide recommendations to clarify and simplify messages to the trier or fact. Known for our involvement in cases that reach the trial stage, we have provided consulting services in hundreds of jury trials, bench trials, arbitrations and complex motion hearings. We specialize in anticipating potential weaknesses in our clients’ cases, offering plausible solutions which are continually proven in the courtroom. Our clients consistently tell us they are the most prepared with our support.

Case Consultation, Theme Development

Mock Trial, Focus Group Studies

Opening and Closing Strategy

Trial Monitoring and Recommendations

Arbitration, Mediation, Bench Studies

Witness Communication Training

Juror Profiling Studies

Juror Questionnaire Development

Jury Selection, Voir Dire Assistance

Social Media Analyses

Shadow Juries

Post-trial Interviews and Analyses